Queen Latifah And Eboni Nichols Are Engaged — These Photos Say The Choreographer Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Congrats are in order for Queen Latifah and longtime girlfriend Eboni Nichols who are engaged and expecting a baby girl.

Several websites including Radar Online have shared photos showing that the actress and choreographer is about 8 to maybe 9 months pregnant with her first child.

Along with the beautiful baby bump, Eboni also flashed a massive engagement ring. It is believed that the pair has been together since 2013.

The Star actress and TV host has been very private about her dating life. However, Queen Latifah and Eboni have been on romantic vacations and on red carpet events together.

In a recent interview, Latifah said she was finally ready to have a family.

She shared: “I’m a little bit of a procrastinator. I had some things to deal with. I had to get a lot of partying out of my system early in life for about 40 years. You know what I’m saying. I’m good now. I think I’m ready.”

One fan said: “She’s always confessed her love to her LONGTIME GF they just not all over blogs with their every move but they’ve got years in. Who the baby daddy? Let me find out it’s common. Lol.”

Another commenter stated: “She’s mad beautiful. She’s going to be the best mom!! This comment is so ignorant!! Clearly, she doesn’t want a man!! And men go to the sperm bank and donate all the time, so clearly, they don’t care. they do everything in the lab and then impregnate her with the embryo unless it is her own egg.”

This supporter wrote: “So she may have had the baby the other day. I heard over the radio she missed a ceremony where she was to receive an award due to “personal reasons.” Idk, maybe.”

A fourth follower had the following to say: “We support Latifah too…. she’s longtime beloved. No matter her skin color or choice of who she loves. I didn’t realize she had come out publicly. I hope she’s ok with it. They’re a beautiful couple. Living Single was my jam!”

Some fans believe that the couple may have had the baby already and might announce it soon.

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