Cardi B Gave Offset A Second Chance In 2018 Following His Cheating – If He Does It Again, She Will Dump Him

Last year ended on a really hectic note for Cardi B and her fiance Offset. These two will not break up this year because Cardi is ready to give him another chance. But if he cheats on her again, she will leave him for sure.

Offset was recently caught in various cheating scandals, and Cardi B had some of the saddest Christmases ever crying her eyes out for what he did.

2018 started pretty rough for this couple, but it seems that it will not be the end for the singers. An insider claimed that Cardi hates all the drama that she and Offset have been going through during the last few weeks.

‘As much as she would be happy and could handle being single she wants the relationship to work out and is hoping the hard times are behind them and that they can move forward together.

‘She is going to do her part to make it work and hopes that Offset does the same because 2018 should be a celebration and not a distraction,’ stated the same source.

Offset is involved in two different scandals and they both just popped up just recently.

The first one made its appearance during the Christmas weekend when a recently released video showing the rapper together with a naked woman in a hotel leaked online.

Cardi B confirmed that the clip features her fiancee indeed and it seems that the even happened back in September, just a month before Offset asked Cardi to marry him.

Things heated significantly when Celina Powell claimed back on December 28 that she is pregnant with a baby girl and Offset is the baby’s daddy. Celina hired a lawyer to serve Offset with a paternity test so she can prove that he is indeed the father of her child.

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