Cardi B Claps Back At Tami Roman Over Pregnancy Rumors

Cardi B delivered an epic performance at Big Bad Soca in Trinidad, and Tami Roman had a lot to say about the show.

The Bronx femcee showed she was a Carnival queen in a pink and blue skin-tight bodysuit. The 25-year-old former reality star danced and twerked on stage, and the audience loved it.

However, the pictures have many saying that Cardi B is pregnant and Tami seems to agree.

In her Bonnet Chronicles series, the Basketball Wives star said the rapper should admit she is pregnant and went on to say:

An angry Cardi came out swinging and wrote: “I got home at 9 a.m. from the studio. I slept all the way till 1 pm. I woke up and did a couple of fittings. I went back home about 4 p.m. I drank tea glass of orange juice and popped some Tylenol to sweat a fever out you know regular minding my business type of sh@t. I woke up at 9 p.m., and I see that mother fu@keris talking about me. Why the are you talking about me? I don’t ever talk about other people! I am talking about my s*** but not about other people especially if I don’t know you. So why is my name in your mouth? Do I make a check for you? Do I f*** with you? Am I eating your pus$y? Am I helping you find a job? So why is cardi B and you’re f****** mouth?”

One fan said: “I think that would be the best thing for her. She can’t handle fame. To start a family and be out of the limelight would probably make her way happier than she is now. I thought the same thing just didn’t say it like everybody else
She did look pregnant in that picture though. Tami can say what she wants to say; it’s her opinion. She does nothing different from Wendy Williams, Charlamange the God.But where was Tami lying at tho y’all dun seen/read some of Cadi’s tweets and IG post? I have to read that sh$t 4x to understand.”

Another commenter, who disagreed, shared: “Her label watch gonna bribe her to get that abortion her career is too popping right now for her to have a baby if she does have a baby. That means she can’t promote her upcoming album and no worldwide tour if she’s pregnant. And the label already has given her too much money she has to pay all that money back, or else they gonna make her life a living hell. Labels don’t just be giving out money to their artists it’s a loan until you pay it back with interest.”

Was Tami wrong to go after the rapper?

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