Cara Delevingne & Ashley Benson Might Have Just Made Their Romance Instagram Official, Per ‘Cosmo’

Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson have topped the rumor mill for about a year now, and fans of the duo have been keeping a watchful eye out on their social media accounts — as well as their public outings — for any major clue that the would-be-couple are finally an item. Now, it seems as though they might have kicked things up a notch, and made their romance Instagram official.

As Cosmopolitan shared, stylist and creative designer Jamie Mizrahi shared a pic of Delevingne and Benson snuggled up together in the backseat of a car, sharing a post-fashion show “cuddle puddle.” The heartfelt embrace came shortly after Delevingne opened up for the Chanel show — the first since Karl Lagerfeld’s passing. Benson, who sat front row to support Delevingne, had been seen comforting the distraught model, who was feeling a long-range of emotions after the show.

Delevingne rocked the runway wearing one of Lagerfeld’s last designs, a houndstooth-inspired jumpsuit, with a miss-matched plaid coat and hat to accompany the attire. The stunning, low-cut number was dressed up with several layers of chunky necklaces, and the model looked all business as she strutted down across snowy scene with her hands in her pockets. Fans of the Paper Town actress would have never known that she, along with several other models in the show, had been crying just moments prior.

Mizrahi, Benson, and Delevingne hopped in a car post-show and perused the town for some lunch and shopping, and the would-be couple was spotting kissing and holding hands as the day progressed. Mizrahi shared some behind-the-scene snaps of the ladies’ day out, and even caught a cute video of Benson explaining why she doesn’t like “fancy” food at a Parisian restaurant. After that video, Delevingne and Benson leaned in close for a selfie taken with Mizrahi’s camera.

After lunch, the women tried on some clothes at a local boutique, and Delevingne brought on the laughs by wearing a pair of high, trouser-socks, cut off jeans, and a belly shirt — which she did a little dance around the dressing room in. The day seemed to lift Delevingne’s spirits as time progressed, and by the end of it she was laughing and smiling along with her pals.

Rumors of a romance have swirled around Benson and Delevingne since last summer, and although the duo have not made anything “official,” they have been spotted out and about sharing kisses, holding hands, and otherwise being adorably intimate with one another. Additionally, they each wear a necklace with the other’s first initial around their necks, and they’ve joined each other for their most important life and work events — including this recent trip to Paris where not only was Delevingne scheduled on the runway, but Benson had her Privé Reveaux sunglass brand featured at one of the many parties surrounding the fashion-focused week.

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