Angelina Jolie Did NOT “Sink Her Claws” Into Garrett Hedlund, Despite Report

Angelina Jolie did not “sink her claws” into Garrett Hedlund. A new report claims she wants to have a “fling” with the actor, but it just isn’t true. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story.

RadarOnline deems Hedlund a “young Brad Pitt lookalike,” and alleges Jolie has her “eye on him.” The site claims she’s told friends they are a “perfect match,” and contends a relationship is already blooming. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “It’s gone from exchanging the odd email to texting several times a day and planning to meet up for dinner.” The blog’s supposed snitch further asserts it’s Hedlund who is “making all the movies.”

Several years ago, Jolie cast Hedlund to star in Unbroken, since which they’ve “shared an electric chemistry,” maintains the website. Around the time the movie came out in 2014, Hedlund praised Jolie as a director, and revealed that though they hadn’t worked together previously, he had met her several times through Pitt. The actors starred in Troy together, which marked Hedlund’s big-screen debut. Hedlund split from Kirsten Dunst in 2016, and hasn’t been in a serious public relationship since then.

So now the online publication is suggesting he and Jolie have a romantic relationship blossoming. “Angie’s incredibly flattered and enjoying Garrett’s attention,” contends the aforementioned “source,” who goes on to claim, “He’s like a younger, hotter Brad and she’s confessed… she’d be up for a fling with him.” The alleged tipster even asserts, “It would be the ultimate revenge romance!”

Gossip Cop isn’t sure how such a coupling would constitute “revenge,” and we’d be remiss not to point out that the online publication has a rather horrible track record when it comes to reporting on both stars’ love lives. A year and a half ago, for example, we busted RadarOnline for wrongly claiming Hedlund was dating Diane Kruger. As noted above, the actor has not publicly dated a fellow star since Dunst.

As for Jolie, Gossip Cop just pointed out a day ago that it’s been one full year since the site falsely alleged the Oscar winner had a new boyfriend and was dating a “mystery man.” The actress was single then and remains single today. In fact, People just reported in January that Jolie has no interest in dating for a long time. Gossip Cop can now confirm that also means she has no interest in a “fling” with Hedlund. It seems the site just wanted to link her to someone, and seemingly chose this particular actor because it’s someone whom both Jolie and Pitt know. It’s a “match” made in fiction, not reality. A rep for Hedlund exclusively confirms to Gossip Cop there’s no truth to these romance claims.


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